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Lauren Kristensen is the owner of Kristensen Designs Inc. She started out as a news producer in 2018. She quickly learned it didn’t matter how important the news was, all that mattered was how entertaining it was. For example, high speed car chases, car wrecks, building fires, etc. deserved more attention than state legislative bills or local special elections. Lauren decided she didn’t agree with this hierarchy and wanted to focus more on education. She believes helping the individual reach his/her full potential through learning and development is the way to go.

What is an Instructional Designer?

In this video, I explain, using a fictional example, how the instructional design process works.

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Achievements & Recognition

Articulate Storyline® Skilled (software course)

Course completed: February 23, 2021

By the end of this course, students are skilled in Articulate Storyline® software. They are able to identify and interact with the user interface, create their first project, add buttons and hotspots, add layers and lightboxes, add drag and drop interactions, create user input interactions, insert media and audio, add animations and transitions, create quizzes, and publish the files for review, the LMS, or in HTML formats. Learners demonstrate and apply each skill throughout the course.

Certificate of Completion (IDOL Courses Academy)

Completed: March 2021

  • Scripted a voiceover for a tutorial video.
  • Drafted a storyboard for a Rise course.
  • Developed content for my online portfolio. (link is under “contact info” at top).
  • Met deadline for course assignments.
  • Transformed content into eLearning material.
  • Structured content based on instructional design principles.
  • Delivered curriculum through Rise and Storyline.

eLearning Developer, Level 1 (IDOL Courses Academy)

Completed: April 17, 2021

  • Gained the ability to start with a provided storyboard.
  • Developed all the assets for course design.
  • Created job aids, instructional scripts, animations in Vyond®, and screen capture videos.
  • Created and edited eLearning courses in the Articulate Storyline® authoring tool using both basic and advanced interactions for a variety of purposes and situations.

Technical Skills

Adobe Premier Pro

Timeline-based video editing software


Cloud-based animation software

Garageband & Anchor
Storyline 360 & Articulate Rise

Interactive course-building software


An online graphic design platform


Interactive Presentation Software

Google Suite/Workspace
Microsoft Office Suite
Mac & PC Operating Systems
Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat