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APTD – Associate Professional in Talent Development

I bought my test spot which was $699 for the exam…not cheap at all. My exam is in November and it’s 2 hours with 115 multiple choice questions. The other requirements were 28 professional development hours and 3 years in the learning and development field. I submitted the application listing all my professional development hours and I barely meet the 3 year requirement. Phew!

I decided to buy the (not cheap) Talent Development Book of Knowledge (TDBoK) for $395 because it has all the topics that the exam will go over. It explains all the concepts, but it doesn’t explain how to use them. I’m confident that I can figure out how to apply the concepts with the other resources provided in the APTD PDF. I’m waiting until next month to buy the TDBoK because I don’t have enough money in my business account. I would like all of this to go on my business account so I can write it off in my taxes and I, personally, don’t have to pay for it. The digital version is $295, but you only get it for 1 year and I like hard copy text. I’d like to keep the book to use it as reference later. (I spent all this money on the book. I should get something out of it)

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