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Credibility for my Political Training

by | Feb 1, 2023 | Political Course Evolution | 0 comments

I’m a 27 year old instructional designer and emerging leader, how am I going to convince Oregon Republicans to buy my course?

I need credibility. I’m going to earn that two ways.

  1. Find a subject-matter expert that will share their campaign knowledge with me. I can advertise their name on digital advertising. The problem is the two campaign managers I know are busy all the time so asking for their time is going to be hard. I’ve got to work on my elevator pitch.
  2. Earn an International Society for Performance Improvement accreditation. Unfortunately, it’s $5,000 to simply apply which I think is ridiculous. In the long run it’ll be worth it, because the accreditation proves that my training improves performance. None of the other conservative training companies have any proof that their trainings have improved candidate performance on the campaign trail. There’s no data. A candidate saying the training helped them is not proof…it’s an opinion.


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