PCP Orientation- Final Feedback Session

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Here’s the final feedback from the Precinct Committee People (PCPs) that shared their thoughts with me during a virtual feedback session. Some provided feedback through email as well. I scheduled a live feedback meeting because I wanted the PCPs to see my reaction to their thoughts. Once they see that I’m not offended or defensive when they provide criticism, they were more open to provide their true thoughts which is what I was aiming for.

I wrote down all the feedback the PCPs provided in the virtual meeting as well as the emailed feedback:

  • My only helpful comment is that the music on the first section drowns out your voice (which is very sweet and soft) so that it’s difficult to hear what you’re saying. If you could adjust this, I think you’ve put together an excellent training. And thank you for the link to our bylaws. I have a couple friends who have become PCPs for the first time and they have had great difficulty trying to find this information.
  • I recommend this training be revised:
  • Provide a clearly defined summary of Party goals and objectives;
  • Summary of strategies and tactics that are proposed to achieve these goals and objectives because nothing is presently working and the ORP and RNC are a joke;
  • Discuss PCP role, responsibilities, activities, expectations, etc.;
  • Thoroughly describe Republican Party’s structure – roles, responsibilities, individuals serving in each role, and their contact information.  A well-conceived organizational chart is apropos.
  •  Include Tracy Honl’s PCP Manual
  •  Just saying without getting online yet; half the joy of being a PCP is getting together with other like minded people and having spontaneous conversations with one another. Please get away from this inadequate technology.
  •  full screen for videos-Note about pop up blocker
  •  Precinct Organization Chair*
  •  Videos-voice louder
  •  “Resource” tab wasn’t obvious
  •  Be able to print out Republican Party structure
  •  How-To videos- use new districts link
  •  make mobile friendly
  •  Highlight different parts of the map: i.e. precinct, commissioner
  •  I prefer it when slides that you might want to print have little color or images for printing
  •  Print Your Data: order mixed up
  • Federal state, metro, county
  •  the map attachment allows people to find their precinct district: https://www.arcgis.com/home/item.html?id=307793f6400a410790088edf9b45e8c9
  •  Fill in the Blanks:
  • Who is the County Commissioner in your district
  • What county district are you in
  • Explain roles of everything and how they all play together, create a ladder like Republican Party Structure
  • maybe a button: Click here for more details about what that position does
  •  When printed out Print Your Data, it showed “Back Print Next”
  • add a title, make it look prettier
  •  Create a Fill in the Blank for “Other Elected Officials”
  •  Organize by different websites instead of legislators
  • Sec of State website and what you can find there
  •  goals and platform of ORP and bylaws
  • How to video of where it can be found
  •  Contact your HD Captain section
  • printable format
  • make it copy and paste-able
  • ask HD Captains their preferred contact method

I also learned that Storyline would not be a good software to use for this training because the Washington County Republican Party does not have a Learning Management System (LMS). This means that I’d have to get a monthly subscription to an LMS and have PCPs create their own accounts. If I did this, the PCPs would have to create 3 separate accounts when joining our county party:

  1. Their Campaign Sidekick canvassing account
  2. LMS- PCP Training account
  3. PCP Portal on our website

3 accounts is way too many and I don’t believe the majority of PCPs would take the training simply because they’d get overwhelmed. I ended up converting the videos and infographics onto the PCP Portal on our website so now the training is housed on the WashCo GOP PCP Portal. I learned that I need to think ahead about where the training will be housed and plan my development method accordingly.


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