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PCP Orientation- In Person Training/ PCP Mixer

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Now that the virtual PCP Orientation is on the Washington County GOP website portal, my next project is the in person training.

I have three objectives for this training (I’m calling it a PCP Mixer because it’s a social hour mixed with training)

  1. PCPs know what house district they are in and bond with their fellow house district PCPs
  2. PCPs sign up for a committee
  3. PCPs can ask questions about being a PCP

I would like to have this mixer every other month.

Kids are welcome. I want it to be family friendly so more PCPs can attend. It’ll be a BBQ. Food tends to make people more likely to come.

Here’s the agenda (it’ll be Aug 27):

  • 4pm-5pm PCPs eat and mingle.
  • 4:45pm While they’re eating I’ll welcome them and tell them about the committee sign-up sheets on the table and encourage them to sign up. Then I’ll introduce the trivia game. I’ll tell them there’ll be a chance to ask questions about being a PCP after the game so start thinking about your questions now
  • 5-6pm PCPs play team building trivia game. Teams divided up by HDs. Hand out prize
  • 6pm-? PCP Q&A with me then PCPs go home

Here are the 5 trivia questions. I want them to be somewhat easy so people don’t get frustrated, but I don’t want a bunch of ties.

  1. What is the smallest state in the USA?

    1. Rhode Island

  2. Which president is on the United States twenty dollar bill?

    1. Andrew Jackson

  3. Who are the 4 US Presidents on Mount Rushmore?

    1. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and Abraham Lincoln

  4. What is Oregon’s state bird?

    1. Western Meadowlark

  5. In which city were the Declaration of Independence and Constitution signed?

    1. Philadelphia


There are 12 House Districts (HD) in Washington County, Oregon. There will be 12 teams (if PCPs from each HD show up). I’ll have to buy 12 clipboards and create the trivia sheet too.

I’ll measure the effectiveness by:

  • Recording how many PCPs attended
  • How many knew their house district
  • how many signed up for a committee

I’ll keep this in a spreadsheet and record the numbers for each mixer. That way I can compare the results.

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