Kristensen Designs offers effective, engaging learning experiences. Drawing on best practices from education, design, psychology, systems theory, and creative writing, Kristensen Designs creates eLearning, face-to-face workshops, job aids, and other performance support solutions.

Let Kristensen Designs take your learning and instructional design objectives from vision to reality.

Rate is $50/hr

Instructor-Led Training

Instructor-led training includes the following:

  • Choice between virtual platform or in-person
  • Facilitator Guide
  • Participant Guide
  • Quick Reference Guide (if applicable)
  • Presentation creation
  • Training Instructor and Virtual Producer provided at additional cost

Basic eLearning

Basic eLearning includes:

  • Content page creation
  • Text / writing
  • Graphics
  • Simple audio
  • Simple video
  • Test questions
  • Conversion of PPT files to eLearning platform

Standard eLearning

Standard eLearning includes Basic, plus:

  • Interactive exercises (allows learners to perform virtual “try-it” exercises)
  • Liberal use of multimedia (audio, video, animation)

Premium eLearning

Premium eLearning includes Basic, Standard, and:

  • Highly interactive (possibly simulation or serious game-based)
  • Use of avatars, points, levels
  • Large-branching scenarios
  • Custom interactions

The Process

Create your FREE and EASY training video!

In this video, I explain how to create an easy onboarding that can be used for small businesses or non-profits. These four simple steps are the foundation for creating trainings.