The Difference Between ILT, VILT, and Online Learning

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There’s three different ways to train someone. I discuss the differences between them.

Instructor-Led Training (ILT)

  • An instructor is teaching you something
  • You have to be there in real-time
  • The instructor must keep learners’ attention for awhile (usually an hour or more)
  • Instructor has to think about what to bring and where to set up tech equipment
  • Have to work around schedules
  • Learner can ask questions and get fast response


Virtual Instructor-Led Training (VILT)

  • Instructor and learners are on their own computers
  • Learning takes place in real-time
  • Can record session for learners that missed the training
  • Have to work around schedules
  • Interaction is a tad challenging if learners aren’t tech savy
  • Learner can ask questions and get fast response


Online Learning

  • No instructor teaching in real-time
  • Learner can walk through course on his/her own
  • Learner’s questions may take a couple days to get a response
  • If course is a podcast, learner can listen to it while walking, in the car, on a train, etc.
  • Works around the learner’s schedule


What other pros and cons can you think of that I haven’t stated here?

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Lauren Kristensen

Lauren Kristensen is the owner of Kristensen Designs Inc. She started out as a news producer in 2018. She quickly learned it didn't matter how important the news was, all that mattered was how entertaining it was. For example, high speed car chases, car wrecks, building fires, etc. deserved more attention than state legislative bills or local special elections. Lauren decided she didn't agree with this hierarchy and wanted to focus more on education. She believes helping the individual reach his/her full potential through learning and development is the way to go.


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