Why I Decided to Start My Own Business

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“If you really want to help your fellow man, start a business and employ someone.”
~ Stephen Moore, Former Senior Economic Advisor to President Trump in 2016

On a Saturday night, you think a 25 year old would be clubbing, or playing board games with friends.

Well, not this 25 year old.

On a Saturday night in February 2021, this 25 year old was interviewing an economist.

Stephen Moore to be exact.

Moore was discussing his time working with President Trump, the economic health of America and what young conservatives can do to fight the good fight.

That’s when he said, “If you really want to help your fellow man, start a business and employ someone.”

Once Moore said the above quote, the wheels in my head started turning. I’d been unemployed for about a year (some of 2019 and all of 2020), no employer showed any interest in my instructional design skills, and my confidence was low. I recently graduated from the IDOL Academy with the assumption that I’d be working a 9 to 5 job just like all the other regular Joes out there.

It never occurred to me I could be a business owner. I could be my own boss and make my own decisions about my freelance business. I could earn enough money that I could employ another instructional designer or a video editor or social media consultant.

I could do that.


I have that power right now and it inspires me everyday to keep going and keep growing my business.

I can’t wait until I can outsource my accounting, bookkeeping, social media marketing, etc so I can focus on designing courses. I could be someone’s first ever client and give them the boost they need to get their company going. I could stimulate the economy by giving someone financial stability. I have that power and I can’t believe it.

That’s why I decided I needed to start a business. MY business. I want to help ‘my fellow man.’ I want to be that person that lifts someone up and gives someone a chance to grow.

Luckily, I have enough savings and gumption to pursue this dream.

Those 15 words inspire and push me to make my business as successful as it can possibly be.

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<h5>Lauren Kristensen</h5>
Lauren Kristensen

Lauren Kristensen is the owner of Kristensen Designs Inc. She started out as a news producer in 2018. She quickly learned it didn't matter how important the news was, all that mattered was how entertaining it was. For example, high speed car chases, car wrecks, building fires, etc. deserved more attention than state legislative bills or local special elections. Lauren decided she didn't agree with this hierarchy and wanted to focus more on education. She believes helping the individual reach his/her full potential through learning and development is the way to go.


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