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I’ve been in instructional design since January 2021 and been a freelance worker since April 2021. I feel like I’m at a good point in my business where if I keep working hard I’ll be able to have a thriving, healthy company. My target audience when I started was medium to large businesses with 50-100+ employees. While that’s a good description of my client base, I want to focus on bringing my other passion, politics, into my business. I want to help the conservative movement build a strong foundation of volunteers.

I think the conservative movement (Republicans, Libertarians, etc.) is lacking in the training realm. I’m part of the Washington County Republican Party and we don’t have any training for how to canvass, how to find our legislatures, how to create a petition, how to speak at public meetings like school boards, Robert’s Rules 101, etc. If there’s no one teaching this material, then how can conservative ideas spread and become attractive to youth.

I have to be ready to answer two important questions:

  1. Why is it important for my organization to have trainings?
  2. Why should I pay to have your product? (especially when I could get it free at Western Liberty Network or other quality training organizations)

My plan going forward is to build some training resources and share them with conservative organizations and individuals. This method means I won’t get paid for my efforts, but I think advertising myself and getting my name out there will hopefully pay for itself in the long run.

While doing some market research, I quickly learned the National Republican Party is not interested in my services. Therefore, I’m going to focus on the following list:

  • PragerU
  • Leadership Institute
    • Stephen Rowe, Kirsten Holmberg
  • Exec. Director Richard Burke at Western Liberty Network
  • Cato Institute? (not sure if they provide trainings)
  • Goldwater Institute
  • FreedomWorks
  • American Enterprise Institute
  • Unity Training Solutions
  • Students for Liberty
  • Cascade Policy Institute
  • Campaign Sidekick
  • Young America’s Foundation
  • DQ Institute
  • The Heritage Foundation
  • Turning Point USA
  • Reason Foundation
  • Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Empire Center for Public Policy (Specifically for NY politics. May be too far away for me)
  • Franklin News Foundation
  • National Taxpayers Union
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<h5>Lauren Kristensen</h5>
Lauren Kristensen

Lauren Kristensen is the owner of Kristensen Designs Inc. She started out as a news producer in 2018. She quickly learned it didn't matter how important the news was, all that mattered was how entertaining it was. For example, high speed car chases, car wrecks, building fires, etc. deserved more attention than state legislative bills or local special elections. Lauren decided she didn't agree with this hierarchy and wanted to focus more on education. She believes helping the individual reach his/her full potential through learning and development is the way to go.


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