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While I’ve been conducting market research to enter my business into the political realm, I’ve also been volunteering with my county Republican Party. I’m creating a plethora of trainings for new PCPs. Below is the email I sent out to the focus group of 10 PCPs for the Alpha Version. Out of the 10 PCPs, only 1 provided feedback. I wonder if it’s because I said you don’t have to participate. Maybe for the Beta version I roll out, I won’t explicitly say you don’t have to participate and leave it up to interpretation.

Email sent March 29,2022:

Good morning!
My name is Lauren Kristensen. I’m the House District 35 Captain for the WashCo GOP. I’m also a business owner. I’d like to combine my business skills with politics so that’s why I’m reaching out to you today. I create trainings for companies. Examples include new hire trainings and compliance trainings. I’d like to create effective and efficient trainings for our PCPs so the PCP Chair has provided me with 10 PCPs for a focus group to measure the effectiveness of my training. You’re one of the 10! (Participation is optional. If you don’t want to participate, feel free to ignore this email.)
I need you to do three steps:
1. Fill out the pre-assessment
2. Take the training
3. Provide your feedback on the training by email
I have two links I need you to click on.
First is the pre-assessment. This is in Google Forms and will create a baseline of your knowledge of the content. Feel free to use the internet and any other resources you have available. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QBJGA10DWkhIyjA2f9Cc-0b8Q_3bndhtRxaG9CsGWmA/edit
Next is the actual training. It’ll take about 20 minutes. https://360.articulate.com/review/content/94b3b7e4-f32e-4e5d-925d-14c52f6399ad/review
I would love some feedback. Some questions I have that I’d really appreciate your feedback on are as follows:
  • Do you think the training took too long? How long did it take you?
  • Were you able to print out the PDF?
  • Were the videos clear?
  • Was it clear the last video was optional to watch? Did you watch the last video? Do you think it shouldn’t be optional?
  • Were you able to find the Washington County Commissioner Chair?


I got a total of 3 people to review my course:

  1. One PCP
  2. My boyfriend
  3. A LinkedIn connection

3 is better than none although I wish more PCPs were involved. I plan on sending out the Beta version to all the PCPs in Washington County.

Here’s a cumulation of the feedback for the Alpha version:

  • Embed the videos directly into the course. A lot of people have pop-up blockers and it creates a problem with accessibility..
  • Take a picture of the screen in black and white to make sure that everything is distinct in a gray scale environment, for the visually impaired.
  • By adding the video into the course, you can add Closed Captioning to the video.
  • I would recommend removing the tabs, bookmarks bar, and desktop and have just a browser with the URL field available.
  • You might want to consider buying a Yeti Blue and building a “sound box” to put it in to make your vocals sound more professional and reduce background noise.
  • Make sure the Republican logo is high res and looks amazing – some people will be offended by a not perfect logo.
  • I’ll try Moodle as an LMS:
    • You can export the training as HTML 5 and host it on your website. If you have access and the ability, you can download Moodle and install it on your website, as well. It is an open source, free LMS that allows people to host their own training. Once you export your training to HTML 5, you can upload the zip package to your web hosting provider, extract it in its own folder, and then send people a link. If you leave it on review for people to use, you can’t use some of the functionality and you won’t be able to exit the program. Plus, people can leave comments on it, which you don’t necessarily want them to do. The other thing, like I mentioned before, you can make a Storyline quiz that acts as your pretest that, once completed and submitted, can link to the training. I believe you can have the answers emailed to you or exported. You would have ot look into it more. One of the advantages of having it on an LMS is that you can get a record of how people performed taking the quizzes.
  • Convert the Google Form pretest into Storyline so everything is in one place.
  • PCP Intro Video ended abruptly. Fade out slower or something
  • Cut down the videos. Too long.
  • Add a Step by step infographic under the How-To videos so learner has a visual and audio instruction guide
  • Maybe add a Fill-in-the-blank after “Other Elected Officials”
  • What if the learner fills in the blanks wrong? Is there a way to verify data in case learner gets data wrong? Is that necessary? Maybe trust adult learner to get it right.
  • Add a Call to Action at end of course. How can PCP use this info going forward?
  • Too many links, consider adding them to a last slide with summary
  • Background music overpowered VO sometimes


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