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According to the APTD Certification Handbook “The Talent Development Body of Knowledge (TDBoK) “does a good job of explaining the WHAT and the WHY of the concepts but does not address the HOW. The exam is practice-based which means that you will need to understand HOW to apply the concepts at work” (pg 16).

I decided to buy the $400 TDBoK because it covers 66% of the content I need to know (the What and Why). The Reading Reference List in the Certification Handbook has a helpful list of resources that answer the How question…How will I use this concept at work. My strategy is to create an outline of each section in the TDBoK and summarize the chapter plus include a summary of one of the Reading Reference links.


Domain 1. Building Personal Capability

    1. Communication
    2. Emotional Intelligence & Decision Making
    3. Collaboration & Leadership
    4. Cultural Awareness & Inclusion
    5. Project Management
    6. Complicance & Ethical Behavior
    7. Lifelong Learning


Domain 2. Developing Professional Capability

    1. Learning Sciences
    2. Instructional Design
    3. Training Delivery & Facilitation
    4. Technology Application
    5. Knowledge Management
    6. Career & Leadership Development
    7. Coaching
    8. Evaluating Impact

Domain 3. Impacting Organizational Capability

    1. Business Insight
    2. Consulting & Business Partnering
    3. Organization Development & Culture
    4. Talent Strategy & Management
    5. Performance Improvement
    6. Change Management
    7. Data & Analytics
    8. Future Readiness
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